Second Home / Vacation Property

Whether you're looking to move into a new home or invest in a second property.

When you're ready to take the next step towards home ownership, we're ready to make it happen for you. It's quick. It's easy. It's secure.


More and more Canadians want to own a second home. This can be accomplished with as little a 5% down. A second home could be:

  • A vacation or future retirement property.
  • A home that will be occupied by children attending school.
  • A home for aging parents.

As long the property is going to be used by you and/or members of your family, and is not going to be rented, any of a number of situations can fit under the second home program. Please call the Mortgage Group to discuss buying a second home.

let'sget you started

When you team up with me you're teaming up with one of the top mortgage brokerage firms in Calgary, The Mortgage Group. This means I know how to make home ownership a reality for you! Here are 3 key things you should know.

1. credit rating

Your credit rating is a key indicator of your ability to make your mortgage payments. I'll show you where your credit rating needs to be, and how to bump it up.

2. down payment

There's no such thing as having too much money for your down payment so turn yourself into a great little saver. I'll tell you what you need to put down.

3. apply online

The next step to home ownership is to complete my online mortgage application so we can help you get pre-approved for the best rates. Let's get started!


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