10 Reasons To Use A Mortgage Broker

Mortgage brokers help make the home buying experience less expensive and more enjoyable, the way it should be.


When you're ready to take the next step towards home ownership, I'm ready to make it happen for you.

Mortgage brokers make the home buying process less expensive, and more enjoyable for you. We can do this because We deal with many lending institutions and can therefore create a bidding environment where lenders compete for your business. When you save money, that makes the home buying process enjoyable.

1. There is no cost to you

There’s absolutely no charge for our services on the typical residential mortgage transactions. How can we afford to do that? Like many other professional services, such as insurance, we are generally paid a finders fee when we introduce dependable clients to a financial institution. These fees are quite standard and nearly industry-wide so that the focus remains on you, the customer.

2. Get independent advice on your financial options

As independent mortgage brokers, we’re not tied to any one lender or range of products. Our goal is to help you successfully finance your home or property. We’ll start by getting to know you and your homeownership goals. We’ll make a recommendation, drawing from both our experience and available mortgage products that match your needs, and then assist in deciding what’s right for you.

3. Get expert advice

When it comes to mortgages, rates, and the housing market, we’ll speak to you in mortgage terms that are easy to understand as well as answer all the questions you may have. We can explain the various mortgage terms and conditions so you can choose confidently.

4. Save time with one-stop shopping

It could take weeks for you to organize appointments with competing mortgage lenders – and we know that there is almost anything else that you would rather be doing! We work directly with dozens of lenders, and can quickly narrow down a list of those that suit you best. It makes comparison-shopping fast, easy, and convenient.

5. We negotiate on your behalf

Many people are uncertain or uncomfortable negotiating mortgages directly with their bank. We successfully negotiate hundreds of mortgages a year for our clientele. You can count on our market knowledge to secure competitive rates and terms that benefit you… not the lender!

6. More choice means more competitive rates

We have access to a network of major lenders in Canada, so your options are extensive. In addition to traditional lenders, we also know what’s being offered by credit unions, trust companies, and other sources.

7. Ensure that you’re getting the best rates and terms

Even if you’ve been pre-approved for a mortgage by your bank, you are not obligated to stop shopping! Let us investigate to see if there is an alternative to better suit your needs….. there usually is!

8. Get access to special deals and add-ons

Many financial institutions would love to have you as a client, which is why they offer incentives to attract creditworthy customers. With The Mortgage Group, we have access to some of the ‘perks’ to mortgage financing.

9. Things move quickly

Our job is not done until your closing date goes smoothly. We’ll help ensure your mortgage transaction takes place on time and to your satisfaction.

10. Ongoing support and consultation

Even once your mortgage is signed and paperwork is complete, we are here if you need any advice on closing details or even future referral needs. We are happy to be of assistance when you need it.

let'sget you started

When you team up with me you're teaming up with one of the top mortgage brokerage firms in Calgary, The Mortgage Group. This means I know how to make home ownership a reality for you! Here are 3 key things you should know.

1. credit rating

Your credit rating is a key indicator of your ability to make your mortgage payments. I'll show you where your credit rating needs to be, and how to bump it up.

2. down payment

There's no such thing as having too much money for your down payment so turn yourself into a great little saver. I'll tell you what you need to put down.

3. apply online

The next step to home ownership is to complete my online mortgage application so we can help you get pre-approved for the best rates. Let's get started!


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